Mafia Island Tour

Swimming alongside whale sharks is definitely one of the top-notch adventures you can have on Mafia Island. These magnificent creatures, being the largest fish in the ocean, have a gentle and inquisitive demeanor that makes swimming with them an absolute delight.

Get ready for an exciting adventure! Start your day by leaving your hotel and heading to Zanzibar Airport. From there, catch your flight to Mafia Island. Once you arrive at the Mafia airstrip, our team will be there to pick you up and transfer you to Kilindoni. You’ll have a briefing with your guide to get all the necessary information. One of the highlights of your trip will be snorkeling with whale sharks. After an amazing underwater experience, enjoy a delicious lunch in Kilindoni before heading back to the airstrip. Catch your return flight to Zanzibar and upon arrival, we’ll transfer you to your resort. Get ready to relax and unwind in paradise!